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 Jinchuriki and Bijuu info

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PostSubject: Jinchuriki and Bijuu info   Jinchuriki and Bijuu info EmptySun Nov 30, 2008 5:04 am

Tailed Beast (Bijuu) are nine monstrous creatures with an enormous amount of chakra, they are thousands of years old and are considered to be legendary. Because of the Tailed Beasts large amount of chakra, the majority of the ninja world wants to control them and use them as weapons. However, most attempts to control them have failed, so an alternative was created by sealing the tailed beast inside a human, creating a Jinchuriki. Each demon has a certain number of tails that represents it's power, the more tails a demon has the stronger they are: One Tailed being the weakest and Nine Tails being the strongest. Intelligence seems to be a factor in a tailed beasts power, according to Deidara the Three Tails was weaker than it should have been because it did not have the intelligence to control its own power.


There have only been two people who have had the ability to control Tailed Beasts completely. The First Hokage who had several tailed beast under his control until he gave some of them to other nations as a sign of peace. For reasons unknown the nations lost control of the tailed beasts and they went wild again. The second person being Madara Uchiha who had the power to control the Kyuubi with his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Yamato has shown a limit amount of control over the demons by suppressing their power.
Some of the tailed beasts such as the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox are considered natural disasters that strike without warning and leave destruction. Akatsuki are capturing tailed beasts for their plan of world domination. Currently there are only two Tailed Beast left, one of them being the Kyuubi which is sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki and the Hachibi, being sealed in Killerbee.

In a attempt to control the tailed beast shinobi nations allowed tailed beast to be sealed into human hosts known as Jinchuuriki. The host in theory would have control of all of the demon's power and abilities and add them to their own, however most case ended bad with human hosts. People of the ninja village would see the host as the demon themselves and would often shun and discriminate against them, which cause emotional damage to the host. Some host like Gaara would be considered failures because of the trouble they would cause to their village. In some cases a tailed beast was extracted from a host and than placed into another host. Shukaku had two previous hosts before Gaara the reason for the removals was never given.

The host and tailed beast are connected to each other and have a symbiotic relationship, if the host dies the tailed best will die with them. This connection is why some tailed beast like the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox usually help them their host in battle by giving them their chakra. If a tailed beast is removed from it's host the host will die.

Most host will be emotionally withdrawn and become loners because of the discrimination against them, some host like Naruto Uzumaki have stay avoided this fate and become well adjusted people, while others like Gaara become psychotic and blood thirsty. There are five known Jinchuuriki within the storyline, but Naruto chapter 420 was released with a full color image of all 9 Jinchuuriki holding up fingers to signify which beast they harbor.

The nine Jinchuuriki
Naruto Uzumaki

Tailed Beast:Nine-Tailed Demon Fox

Tailed Beast:One Tailed (removed)
Yugito Nii

Tailed Beast: Two-Tailed Demon Cat (removed)

Tailed Beast: Four Tails (removed)
Kiraa Bii

Tailed Beast: Eight Tails
Tailed Beasts
One Tailed
Main article: Ichibi no Shukaku

The One Tailed or Ichibi no Shukaku is the tail beast that lived in the Wind Country before the start of the series. It was captured by Sunagakure and placed into three hosts one of them being Gaara. Shukaku is the weakest of the tailed beast. It was captured by Deidara and sealed way by the Akatsuki.

Two Tails
Main article: Nibi no Nekomata

The Two Tails or Nibi no Nekomata is a demon cat that is surrounded by flames, it may have lived in the Lightning Country before it was sealed inside a human. Because of the number of tails the Two-Tailed Demon Cat is the second to weakest of the tailed beast. It was captured by Kumogakure and sealed inside Yugito Nii. It was captured by Hidan and sealed away by the Akatsuki.

Three Tails
Main article: Sanbi

The Three Tails or Sanbi is a giant demon turtle it is the only known unsealed tailed beast. According to Deidara because it had no host it was not intelligent enough to control it's full power, but it is still stronger than One Tail and Two Tails, making it the third weakest tailed beast. It was captured by Tobi and sealed away by the Akatsuki.

Four Tails
Main artcile: Yonbi

The Four Tails is one of the tailed beast it's appearance has not been shown, but it has the power to fuse Katon and Doton together to create a new element Youton. The Four Tails is the sixth strongest tailed beast. It was captured by Kisame Hoshigaki and sealed away by the Akatsuki.

Five Tails
The Five Tails is one of the nine tailed beast, it's appearance and abilities are unknown. It was captured by the Akatsuki, whether it had a human host is unknown. The Five Tails is the fifth strongest tailed beast.

Six Tails
The Six Tails is one of the nine tailed beast, it's appearance and abilities are unknown. It was captured by the Akatsuki, whether it had a human host is unknown. The Six Tails is the fourth strongest tailed beast.

Seven Tails
The Seven Tails is one of the nine tailed beast, it's appearance and abilities are unknown. It was captured by the Akatsuki, whether it had a human host is unknown. The Seven Tails is the third strongest tailed beast.

Eight Tails
Main article: Hachibi

The Eight Tails is one of the nine tailed beast,the Demon Ox, as revealed in Naruto chapter 413. Its abilities, however, are unknown. It is one of the two tailed beasts left. Team Hawk has been assigned to capture the Eight Tails, its host is that of a male ninja named Killer Bee from the land of clouds. He is a very capable ninja, and is able to take down Sasuke, Juugo and Suigetsu in very few hits, and was able to fully release the beast when the battle took abad turn. The Eight Tails is the second strongest tailed beast. Sasuke was able to defeat and capture the Eight Tails by using Amaterasu, but he managed to escape the sealing process by hiding in one of the tails that broke off.

Nine Tails
Main article: Kyuubi no Yoko

The Nine Tails or Kyuubi no Yoko is a demon fox that lived in the Fire Country. It is said that with a single swipe of one of it's tails it can create tsunamis and flatten mountains. The Nine Tails is considered a natural disaster that appears were human malice festers. The Nine Tails is the strongest of all the tailed beast, it has near limitless amount of chakra and is very intelligent. It attacked Konoha 12 years before the start of the series and was defeated by the Fourth Hokage who sealed it away in Naruto Uzumaki. It is currently sealed inside of Naruto.

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Jinchuriki and Bijuu info
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